Better Takeout.

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  • May 2, 2014

How what we do makes your message stronger.

What we do makes your message:

– more appealing, using clever design to link into and reinforce the content.
– more persuasive, as the narrative leads to the inevitable conclusion that you’re absolutely right.
– more memorable, as this approach combines the three significant aspects that help us encode information: organization, meaningfulness, and imagery.
– more attention-grabbing for events, attractor screens and trade shows.
– easier to understand, using movement to illustrate changes over time or how concepts interact.
– less boring than a document or leaflet.
– more likely to be followed to the end than a text document or a leaflet.
– less overwhelming, following a well-constructed single narrative thread.
– more likely to be shared and spread by the people seeing it.
– more likely to generate discussion.
– more easily recognisable, allowing for campaigns to re-use common elements.

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