Our Showreel.

LG Thunder.

Spot pops up in New York.

Our HSBC Animation.

And why their cashiers are generous to a vault.


Why do you need good content?

The short answer is that engaging content gives you a tiny sliver of access to one of the most precious commodities on the planet: your target audience’s attention. You’re trying to get a serious point across, but you’re competing with kittens wearing hats, TikTok, and Oksana Astankova. Grabbing and holding people’s attention means finding that perfect combination of form and message.  Something short, sharp, clever and punchy. That’s where we come in.

"What they do always hits the creative spot. Big enough to reassure, they’re also supremely flexible and fast on their feet."

− Rob Wills, Ridley Scott Associates.

"There is one good reason we have won the awards we have… It is called Spot."

− David MacIver, Creative Director, Sarah Shuter Productions.

"Spot have proved on many occasions that they have the attitude, creativity and flexibility to handle large-scale projects. And more importantly they can be trusted to deliver."

− Alex Amos, Director, The Edge Picture Company.

"Once in a blue moon if you are very lucky you might get to work with creative gold. Spotpost has been our pot of gold. Because not only is the solution beyond what we could have expected, but its commercially spot-on, packaged at the right price and delivered promptly. Highly recommended."

− Vanessa Brassey, Head of Creative, Coats Plc.